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When we first launched Chai For, we were a beverage-only company making batches of chai and selling it by the cup (or jug!) at farmers markets.

Our idea was that when someone ordered our chai, the cup would read "Chai For: _____" with a blank space left to write in each person's name.

While this was a personal touch that we adored, we didn't know that the name "Chai For" would would grow in unexpected ways.

As folks began to ask us "How can I make this exact chai at home?" we launched our
 Chai kits - fully blended packaged of tea and spices for ready to make delicious chai at home.

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As we released our various blends of chai kits, we knew in our hearts that we were making Chai that meant something bigger than just being a premium cup of chai.

Through this we realized that we were making real 
chai meant for real people and that we wanted this chai to earnestly be yours.

So we designed our chai to be customizable and that you could easily enjoy it as-is or make it their own...choosing your favorite milk, choosing how sweet to make it, choosing ways to enhance it with your own ingredients (hopefully using our chai customization 

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We also knew that making this chai at home connects each of us to the historical and cultural roots of chai-making.

Each kit simultaneously brings us intimately closer to the chai we consume. While the majority of chai out there is made in a factory using chemically created or low-quality ingredients - we knew folks drinking our chai would be experiencing real ingredients, hand-blended by real people, that makes a cup of chai that is actually good for them.

Today, Chai For is as much a mission statement as a name because at the root of our identity: we want to be the chai that delivers excellent, customizable Chai For you.
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