What are the benefits of a subscription? 👍👍👍

First, no more empty chai cups! Because you decide the frequency of your delivery, we'll have it shipped to you on your schedule. From there, benefits include:

  • SAVE TIME: Chai delivered to your door
  • CONVENIENT: No need to come back to place a new order
  • FREE SHIPPING: All subscriptions
  • DISCOUNTS: Discounted from our full-priced Chai
  • MORE DISCOUNTS: Extra discounts to unlock!
  • GREAT CHAI: All the deliciousness that is our chai!

Tell me more about gifting subscriptions! 🎁

Gifting subscriptions enable you to purchase a Chai subscription as a gift for the chai-lover in your life. To place a gift-subscription, you can simply use the address of the recipient instead of your own. If you would like to have the gift subscription delivered to you the first time (for the gift-surprise element!) then simply use your own address and when you're ready, come back in and change the destination address for future deliveries!

🤟 What is the Subscriber Loyalty Benefit?

We ❤️ chai lovers. As such, when you stick with our subscription for three orders, then beginning on the third order, we'll automatically upgrade you to 15% off. That's right - simply allow the first three scheduled orders to occur and the third (and all orders afterwards) will upgrade to 15% Off!

Which delivery frequency should I choose? 📦📅

We offer 2, 4, and 8 week subscriptions.

2 is a great option for a daily chai drinker or someone making chai for a lot of people!

4 is better for someone who drinks chai a few times per week.

8 is best for the occasional chai drinker!

How do I make changes to my subscription? 📱

Subscribers have complete control to update any subscription any time.

Here's some cool things you can do to control your subscription:

  • Pause/Resume/Cancel Subscription
  • Skip or Delay an upcoming scheduled order
  • Request upcoming subscription order early
  • Add/Remove products
  • Change quantity desired
  • Update payment
  • Update address
  • Add special order notes
  • Reactivate a Cancelled Subscription

Upon purchase of your subscription, an email will be sent to the email address you provided at checkout [be sure to check spam - and mark us as 'not spam'!]. From the link provided, you'll be able to manage your subscription as described above.