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Turn Up the Spice 🔥

Make it extra spicy by adding freshly grated ginger or sprinkling a dash of powdered cayenne

MmMmm Creamy Chai 🥛

Get a creamier Chai by tweaking the water-to-milk ratio. Stick to the grand total of 2 cups, but try adjusting to where the it's 1.5 cups of creamy milk to a lighter 0.5 cups of water. And here's a pro tip: choose your milk wisely! Some milks (looking at you, 2% and Almond) can be a bit more on the "watery" side, while Oat-Milk or Whole Milk bring the full-bodied Chai!

Adding Syrups ✨

Jazz up our chai with your favorite syrup and voila—a seasonal special is born! We won't name names, but we've heard whispers about a certain P*mpkin Chai enthusiast out there. Feel free to unleash your creativity and concoct the chai of your dreams. Our chai is your canvas—paint it with flavors!

Boozy Chai 🥃

This one's for our Chai lovers 21 and older. Our go-to move? Pairing a cup of our Chai with a cheeky shot of bourbon. Trust us, it's a match made in flavor heaven. And hey, don't let the fun stop there! Dive into our recipes blog for a treasure trove of chai-infused cocktails and keep the good vibes steeping. Cheers to (boozy) chai! 🥂

No Milk Brew / Western Style Tea

To make a western-style cup of tea (without the milk), simply cut the spices to 1/2 TBSP and steep in 1.5 C. of Water

French-Press Method ☕

Great chai is easy in a French Press! Add 1 TBSP Chai Mix to 1 C. Hot Water in a French Press. Steep for 4 minutes. While steeping, heat up 1 cup of your favorite milk-of-choice and allow to steep for another 4 minutes. Press down, pour into your mug, and sweeten to preference.

Coffee Maker Method

Okay, so this isn't exactly making Chai with your counter-top coffee maker BUT one thing our customers love to do is toss in a teaspoon of chai into your coffee grounds for a chai-infused coffee flavor!

Cooking and Baking with Chai 🎂

Customers have baked everything from Chai Brownies to Chai Cheesecake. With our spices, you can make an authentically flavored Chai dessert or baked good. Look through our recipes blog for a treasure trove of chai-based goodies!