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Ginger Chai

Ginger Chai

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Chai in America has lost its way... but you know that already.

We're reshaping how America drinks chai by giving you all the flavor - and none of the garbage ingredients. We mean absolutely zero, cero, zilch, nada, nothing. 

And this Ginger Chai is extra special. We load up on extra ginger-y, spicy goodness for those who love a little more heat in their chai!

Like the traditional chai, this is inspired by traditional chaiwallahs of India - the true craftspeople of real chai with a specially added kick of ginger spiciness. 

That's why we source all of the tea and spices you'll find in this bag - which include Assam Black Tea, Cinnamon Cardamom, extra Ginger, and Black Pepper from farmers in India. Then, we obsessively blend them to create a uniquely bold blend of Chai right here in the U.S. 

Form your own kitchen simply scoop the blend, brew, and enjoy a spice-forward and luxurious cup of elevated, traditional chai in mere minutes. No special tools or special knowledge required!

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