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How to Brew It


Chai For is turning the page toward authenticity.

👋 Say goodbye to chemically altered and
sugar-pumped powders and concentrates.

Elevated Chai

Authentic Chai

Good For You

Easy to Make

Sweeten Your Way

Elevated Chai

This is an exquisite cup of chai you simply can't get at a coffee shop or on the grocery store shelf.

These authentic ingredients are blended to
make a bold, dynamic cup of chai.

It's the stuff of chai dreams.

Authentic Chai

Chai isn't meant to be poured from a boxed concentrate or dissolved with a powder.

It's meant to be intimately made with real ingredients.

Good For You

Chai with real ingredients promotes digestion, boosts metabolism, and provides antioxidant-rich support, creating a delightful, aromatic chai.

It's not just flavorful but also a nourishing
addition to your wellness routine.

Easy to Make

Never made chai at home before?

No worries, friends.

You'll be in good hands because all the directions are on the packaging + links to our website for tips, videos, and extra special recipes!

Sweeten Your Way

Just the right amount of sweetener can
elevate your cup of chai!

This is why we leave out the sugar - so you can
custom sweeten it just the way you like.

Common Asks

What makes your chai special?

We specialize in chai blends with bold, robust flavor akin to the authentic blends of Chaiwallahs of India. We use premium ingredients meticulously selected for their quality. Without sugar, additives, or chemicals - you can feel good about what you're drinking and give you complete control over how to sweeten your Chai.

In short, we know most chai out there is just a ghost of what authentic Chai can be.

We're here to make truly exquisite chai easy to have from the comfort of your home.

What does your chai taste like?

It's bold and dynamic. This chai is more spice forward than tea forward - but still with a uniquely balanced flavor profile.

Our most common feedback (and we consider this high praise!) is the distinct taste of each of the spices - cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, black pepper, and Assam black tea.

Do I have to make it in a pot on my stove?

No - though we highly recommend it! We do offer some delicious alternative steeping techniques in our brewing tips like steeping it using tea ball or using a French press. But hey, it's your kitchen, get creative!

I'm looking for sugar-free chai. You got any?

Sugar-free Chai is our specialty🏅! By omitting sugar from the ingredients in all of our products, we empower you to customize the sweetness exactly to your liking—whether it's with your preferred sweetener, a hint of natural sweetness, or opting for no sweetness at all! For sweetening suggestions, check out this handy sweetener guide.

Is chai caffeinated?

This chai blend is caffeinated. The source of caffeine is black tea - which is about 1/3 the caffeine of a cup of coffee. Are you looking for decaf?

Gluten, Vegan, and Non-Diary Diets Click Here

This chai is gluten free, vegan, and entirely non-dairy!